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Aug 11, 2014 1233

SETF Executive Director translated for Caesar in historic hearing

July 31, 2014 SETF Executive Director, Mouaz Moustafa, translated for regime defector 'Caesar' as he presented evidence of Assad war crimes to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Read more at Al-Monitor here or at the Daily Beast here.

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Aug 11, 2014 1242

Mouaz Moustafa quoted in NPR on Syria's 'Never Again' Moment

Jul 29, 2014 SETF Executive Director is quoted while acting as the interpreter for 'Caesar,' discussing the horrific nature of the evidence of torture and starvation under the Assad regime. Read more here.

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SETF Press Releases

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Apr 17, 2014 1932
Given the gravity of the current regime offensive against the Syrian city of Homs, CDS is calling upon American Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to encourage both the UN and the US government to issue public denunciations compelling the Syrian regime to abide by international… Read More
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Apr 16, 2014 1761
For over two years, the Syrian regime has besieged the central city of Homs, cutting off tens of thousands of non-combatants from both food and medical aid. Chillingly, over the last few days, reports from inside Homs reveal that regime forces, assisted by the National Defense Militias, are… Read More
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Feb 18, 2014 1765
Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Syria would like to express its deepest gratitude and admiration to the Syrian CBW victims who endured a grueling press tour of the United States over the past few weeks, sharing their harrowing stories with the American public. Hiba Sawan, Ameenah Sawan,… Read More


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