Meet the Children of The Wisdom House

from the English teacher at the orphanage...


She is Aya.

She is a very good girl in her studies. She is clever. She attends at the orphanage because her dad doesn't have a salary or any thing to give them only love.


He is Ahmad.

He is Mutasm's brother


He is Ali.

He loves English and he want to become an English teacher. He has three brothers and sisters. His father is  working a factor in fabric inventory.


He is Ameer.

He lives far from his house. He is from another village. He is staying here because Bashar Al Assad's planes left their house on the floor. So they stay without a house. I pray for God to bless them all


She is Badrieya.

She lives with her mother and her two sisters. They are waiting for a call from their father. He is in prison; the Al Asaad army had taken him and they don't know any thing about him. I ask God to give them the strength to not fear anything and let their father be free from the prison.


She is Hameida

She loves her mother and doesn't want to leave her in any time. She had lost her father in a time when she was not with him so she will not leave her mother. God bless her and her mother to be safe.


She is Maram.

She is a clever child. She loves Arabic. She lives with her mother and her brother in a room; They even don't have a kitchen. They live a very difficult life after they had lost their father and their house.


She is Mariem.

She is a lovely child she always keeps her smile on her face. Although she is sufffering because she has lost her father .We pray for God to keep her far from sadness and send her beautiful days.


This is Mariem.

She is Mohamad 's sister. She is very kind. She loves their friends and plays with them all the time.


He is Mohamad.

He is a beautiful child. He is sick and short. Every three months, his parents take him to the doctors. He has a sister her name is Mariem. At the beginning of the new year he was so ashamed and wouldn't speak with anyone but later he became like any other child. I Pray for God to heal him from his illness.


He is Mutasm.

He is a handsome boy. He is full of vitality. His parents love him so much so they brought him to our orphanage because the local schools are threatened by Bashar and Russia planes. The orphanage is a basement so it's maybe more safe.


He is Mutasm. He is a clever and handsome boy. I love him. His father has two wifes. He was working as a servent for the mosque but now his life is very difficult because he has 10 children, daughters and sons, so that he must work hard to give them their needs.

Omar  He is Omar.

He is a such a quiet child. I love his speech. He had lost his father three years ago. He would like to become like his father, an engineer.


She is Rama.

She loves learning and playing. Her  line in writing is amazing  although  her age is only five. Her dad is fighting against Al Asaad army. She is always praying for her father and for Syria to become free country


Ranya  She is Ranya.

She has lost her parents. They had been shot from Bashar.'s mercenaries . before she come to our orphanage she  don't speak with childern but we she live with them a little time more she love her friends and love her teacher ๐Ÿ˜Š. I pray for God to bless her and give their grandparents strength and more age to protect her

Riema and Riemas  

Meet Reima and Reimas. They are twins. They are so lovely and so kind. Their father's salary is so little. He can't pay their outlay.

Abd a lah  

He is Abd a lah.

He is only 4 years .He a lovely child .His father works as a guard .His salary is only 5 0dollars .Abd a lah has a sister and two brothers


She is Beisaan.

She is 5 years old. Her father works in a factory for the Nylon bags. She is the oldest daughter for her parents. She loves Arabic and drawing.


He is Mohamad.

He is clever although his age only 4 years. His father is a teacher. He has one sister. He love her and wants to bring her to the orphanage. He is very social among people. One day he said to me I will kill Basher Al Asaad because he kills the little babies. I pray for God to give us strength and let Al Assad leaves us alone


He is Mourad.

His father is a pharmacist.he was living in Maart Alnoman  but because of the destruction and the situation there, they moved.He is 5 years old. His sister is Jodei.


She is Walieda.

She comes from another village. She has a beautiful heart. In her heart we find the innocence of childhood. Her father is a dentist.


She is Rayan.

She lost her mother  2 years ago because of breast cancer. She and her sister and her brother are twins.

After her mom gave birth to them she got the cancer and after 3 years she died and now they live with their uncle.


He is Ahmad.

He is a clever and handsome boy. He loves his friends so much so that he tells them the answers in the practices. I love him ๐Ÿ˜˜. He lives north of the village.


She is Lein.

She loves the orphanage from the first   minute. She lives with her parents. Like any child I pray for God to bless them all.


She is Raneim.

She is a lovely child. She loves drawing. She is always afraid from the bombing. I pray for God to keep her safe and make her more strong to face this life.


She is Marah.

She is the only daughter for her parents.They love her and want her to be safe far from the schools which always be the targets of Al Asaad planes.


This is Hamza.

He loves the bus so much that one day he forgot his bag on the bus. He loves fruit. One day he said to me "my teacher gives us apples I love it and my dad doesn't buy apples because he doesn't have money." When he say that I feel that this life is so silly because one can't buy things for his children because his salary doesn't is not enough for the basic things.


She is Riemas.

She is 5 old age. Her father is a truck driver.


 He is Abdullah.

He is Ahmad's twin. Sham and Bader are his brother and sister who are also twins.

ahmad 2

 He is Ahmad.

He is Abdullah's twin. Sham and Bader are his brother and sister who are also twins.


They are Sham, Abdullah, Ahmad, and Bader

Their age is 5 years. They are two sets of twins. Their dad loves them all. They are all clever only Sham misses many class so she needs more importance and I do my best. Abdullah and Ahmad are twins and Sham and Bader are twins. I pray for God to bless them all.


He is Muhammad. His age is 5 years. His father is a teacher but he hasn't taken his salary for two years.


She is Sanaa.

She is 4 year old. Her father was working in a factory to repair washers in Maart Alnoman. not far from our village, only half an hour by the car and we be in it. From the beginning of the Syrian revolution the factory received a blow from a tank and it became a ruin.


She is Jana.

She is 5 years old. She is kind and loves her friends. She wants to be a teacher like her teacher. I pray for God to make her dreams come true.

Riemas copy  

She is Riemas.

Her age is 5 years. Her dad has a small shop for Falafal (it is a common fast food all Syrian love it๐Ÿ˜‹) .

Abd Alrhman

He is Abd Alrhman.

He lost his father since when he was one year old. He is living with his mother and his three brothers and his sister. They were living in a beautiful house until Bashar's army came and burn their house, but good people had paid them money and they returned their house as it was before but without the beautiful jewel who is their father๐Ÿ˜ข


She is Israa.

She is 5 years old. She has five sisters and brothers. Her father is a servent in a small restaurant.


He is Ahmad.

He is 5 years old. He and his family were living in Aleppo. When Aleppo be in the revolution they came back to our village.


She is Maya.

She is 4 years old. She loves studying and love being in the top of everything. She wants to be the elite of her class. I pray for God to help her dreams come true

Abd Alwahap  

He is Abd Alwahap.

He is 5 years old. His father is working in a small shop for selling detergent.


He is Ahmad.

He is 4 years old. His father is working in a sponge factory. He loves the school that is far from the war and the bombs.

Abd Almalik  

He is Abd Almalik.

He is 5 years old. He is the first in his class. He is clever and loves Arabic and English


She is Noor.

She is 5 years old. Her father is a factory worker and was working in a shop . Today he works for anything to give food for his children.


She is Jodei.

She is 4 year old. Her father is a pharmacist. She is Mourad's sister. She is so lovely.


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