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The Syrians are the now the most displaced people on the planet, and those who remain inside the country are in danger not only from bombing but also from lack of medical resources and facilities. Hospitals are vanishing because they have consistently been targets by the Assad Regime and Russia, leaving people without a way to take care of the sick or injured.

In coordination with NARINJ, The Syrian Emergency Task Force participated in the delivery of an entire shipping container full of medical supplies for civilians in Northern Syria who are internally displaced. The truck contained much needed items such as pre-op chairs, IV stands and bags, surgical masks, gloves, equipment, and medication, donated by Medical Home, a Virginia-based NGO.  

Aleppo remains under a suffrocating siege, and it is impossible to deliver aide inside; however, SETF is looking into creative ways to helping people inside the city including urban farming ideas.

Our organization is leading the efforts for the Syrian people, and our partnerships not only provide relief for those suffering, but also sends a message to the Syrian people that they are not forgotten and their future matters to all of us.  


IMG 6975The "Wisdom House" is an orphanage and school in Idlib Province established by the Syrian Emergency Task Force in early 2016. Hundreds of children have found refuge and an opportunity for education with this orphanage, and now they have a bus.

A community in Arkansas has adopted this orphanage as an initiative to connect and contribute to the future of the children in Syria by committing to sustain this establishment for years to come.  The orphanage first received help from SETF this past Spring when they received a shipment of backpacks, school supplies, and food.  Since then, the Wisdom House has received donations to cover part of the teachers' salaries and an electric generator.  For months, the orphanage administration has expressed its desperate need for a bus, especially as Winter gets closer, because many of the students walk to school.

This past week, SETF purchased and delivered a new bus for the Wisdom House children and staff. Not only will this vehicle provide a ride for many students, it will also enable many more to attend school.  Having a method of transportation will also allow the students to have trips away from the school for off-campus learning.  The opportunities this bus presents for the children and staff are endless, and provides the option for evacuation from the orphanage if necessary.

SETF continues to connect the orphanage to students and communities in Arkansas, and strives to provide everything possible for this school so that these children may continue to be educated even while their lives and homes are under the constant threat of air strikes. Learn more about the orphanage on the Wisdom House Project Website

There are countless opportunities for the international community to be involved in Syria's future.  Initiatives such as the Wisdom House Project help the children who are the future of Syria. For many, life in a war zone is all they've ever known. Taking action towards a brighter future for children will not only help them, but send a powerful message of humanity to the enitre world.

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This past week, while the city of Aleppo has undergone some of the worst bombing raids its seen by Russian and government forces, the Syrian Emergency Task Force made a successful delivery of food to people inside the city who need it to most. There has been no safe passage for Aleppo’s civilians to leave the city or for aide to come inside. The people of Aleppo have been starving as it has been nearly impossible for any humanitarian aide to reach them.  SETF is capable of delivering help and aide to places where no-one else is going.


The beneficiaries of this support were several families who had all lost their primary caregiver, having lost either the father, mother, or both. Many people will have access to food because of this donation, including many orphaned children who live with these families.  They were in starvation, not getting anything while their city is under attack. 

Roughly 250,000 people are still stuck in the city of Aleppo with no indication that relief from their suffering is near.  SETF is dedicated to help the Syrian people who need it the most. Anyone can contribute to our work, and allow more people to experience relief during the most dire times in our world’s history.

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The SEFT outreach team has established a bakery in southern Daraa, Syria. The bakery provides bread for hundreds of internally displaced Syrians including over 300 orphans.

 Bread has become increasing scarce in Sryia since the Spring of 2011, and it is essential for more than just nourishment for Syrian people.  Cultural and social settings often revolve around bread, and it has always been present in the lives of Syrians.  

Can you imagine life without bread? 

The SETF outreach team continues to seek support for establishing more bakeries and providing civilian and humanitarian aide for the Syrian people.  Restoring livelihood for our brothers and sisters across oceans can be influenced by bakeries in more ways than we can imagine.  

The establishment of a bakery ensures local people that despite all the uncertainties, they can still have the comfort of knowing that they have access to and can enjoy bread.  The country's future will always need and be blessed by bakeries as they are a key ingredient to the fabric of life in Syria.  

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In the Spring of 2016, SETF established an orphanage and school in Idlib, Syria where 358 children live and learn with the merciful and unending assistance of 7 staff members.  SETF and kindhearted sponsors first began assisting the orphanage, “Wisdom House,” by providing backpacks, school supplies, mattresses, and other basic necessities that would be a solid foundation for growth and progress for this establishment.

As more and more of Syrias’ children become orphans, the Wisdom House continues to grow in population. The immediate needs of this establishment are food, shelter, vaccinations, medicine, teacher salaries, and school supplies.  Also, the orphanage is in urgent need of a bus that costs $10,000. As Syria schools take their summer break, teenagers from surrounding areas have come to find refuge and to help the staff at the Wisdom House until their school year resumes. 

With our network of team members and current technologies, we are prepared to reach our orphanage and connect their donations with the people supporting them. This expedient and thoroughly documented process ensures that all contributions turn into timely and practical aide that reaches all the way into the hands of these children.  We anticipate a surge in support from our American community that will allow us to sustain this orphanage for years to come. SETF strives to uphold a personal connection between the Wisdom House children and its supporters around the world through social media and direct communication between people to build human relationships across borders. 



A recent donation to our orphanage allowed for the purchase and delivery of a truckload of food supplies.  The shipment arrived this past weekend, and is seen being unloaded by the SETF team and children who live at the Wisdom House. 

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is an American non-profit organization driven to support Syrians under the oppression and bombardment of their homeland.  Our Department of Outreach begins gaining support to sustain the Wisdom House orphanage in Idlib and prepares to expand our support to other internally displaced camps, schools, orphanages, and civilian society organizations currently under besiegement in Syria.   

The future of our children and our planet depends on what we do or don’t do now.  Any message of compassion from outside Syria would mean the world to a child in our orphanage. We can be a light in the midst of darkness. Our mission to connect people to people may be one of the most effective ways we can display love.  For more information, please contact [email protected] 



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