The SEFT outreach team has established a bakery in southern Daraa, Syria. The bakery provides bread for hundreds of internally displaced Syrians including over 300 orphans.

 Bread has become increasing scarce in Sryia since the Spring of 2011, and it is essential for more than just nourishment for Syrian people.  Cultural and social settings often revolve around bread, and it has always been present in the lives of Syrians.  

Can you imagine life without bread? 

The SETF outreach team continues to seek support for establishing more bakeries and providing civilian and humanitarian aide for the Syrian people.  Restoring livelihood for our brothers and sisters across oceans can be influenced by bakeries in more ways than we can imagine.  

The establishment of a bakery ensures local people that despite all the uncertainties, they can still have the comfort of knowing that they have access to and can enjoy bread.  The country's future will always need and be blessed by bakeries as they are a key ingredient to the fabric of life in Syria.  

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