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This past week, while the city of Aleppo has undergone some of the worst bombing raids its seen by Russian and government forces, the Syrian Emergency Task Force made a successful delivery of food to people inside the city who need it to most. There has been no safe passage for Aleppo’s civilians to leave the city or for aide to come inside. The people of Aleppo have been starving as it has been nearly impossible for any humanitarian aide to reach them.  SETF is capable of delivering help and aide to places where no-one else is going.


The beneficiaries of this support were several families who had all lost their primary caregiver, having lost either the father, mother, or both. Many people will have access to food because of this donation, including many orphaned children who live with these families.  They were in starvation, not getting anything while their city is under attack. 

Roughly 250,000 people are still stuck in the city of Aleppo with no indication that relief from their suffering is near.  SETF is dedicated to help the Syrian people who need it the most. Anyone can contribute to our work, and allow more people to experience relief during the most dire times in our world’s history.

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