IMG 6975The "Wisdom House" is an orphanage and school in Idlib Province established by the Syrian Emergency Task Force in early 2016. Hundreds of children have found refuge and an opportunity for education with this orphanage, and now they have a bus.

A community in Arkansas has adopted this orphanage as an initiative to connect and contribute to the future of the children in Syria by committing to sustain this establishment for years to come.  The orphanage first received help from SETF this past Spring when they received a shipment of backpacks, school supplies, and food.  Since then, the Wisdom House has received donations to cover part of the teachers' salaries and an electric generator.  For months, the orphanage administration has expressed its desperate need for a bus, especially as Winter gets closer, because many of the students walk to school.

This past week, SETF purchased and delivered a new bus for the Wisdom House children and staff. Not only will this vehicle provide a ride for many students, it will also enable many more to attend school.  Having a method of transportation will also allow the students to have trips away from the school for off-campus learning.  The opportunities this bus presents for the children and staff are endless, and provides the option for evacuation from the orphanage if necessary.

SETF continues to connect the orphanage to students and communities in Arkansas, and strives to provide everything possible for this school so that these children may continue to be educated even while their lives and homes are under the constant threat of air strikes. Learn more about the orphanage on the Wisdom House Project Website

There are countless opportunities for the international community to be involved in Syria's future.  Initiatives such as the Wisdom House Project help the children who are the future of Syria. For many, life in a war zone is all they've ever known. Taking action towards a brighter future for children will not only help them, but send a powerful message of humanity to the enitre world.

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