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The Syrians are the now the most displaced people on the planet, and those who remain inside the country are in danger not only from bombing but also from lack of medical resources and facilities. Hospitals are vanishing because they have consistently been targets by the Assad Regime and Russia, leaving people without a way to take care of the sick or injured.

In coordination with NARINJ, The Syrian Emergency Task Force participated in the delivery of an entire shipping container full of medical supplies for civilians in Northern Syria who are internally displaced. The truck contained much needed items such as pre-op chairs, IV stands and bags, surgical masks, gloves, equipment, and medication, donated by Medical Home, a Virginia-based NGO.  

Aleppo remains under a suffrocating siege, and it is impossible to deliver aide inside; however, SETF is looking into creative ways to helping people inside the city including urban farming ideas.

Our organization is leading the efforts for the Syrian people, and our partnerships not only provide relief for those suffering, but also sends a message to the Syrian people that they are not forgotten and their future matters to all of us.  



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