SETF has connected communities in America to an orphanage in Idlib, Syria where support keeps the school and teachers operating, the children learning, and the hope for an educated future alive for these children. 

Located in a rebel-held area of Idlib Province, the school is vulnerable to regime and Russian air force attacks. The school is one of the only schools left in the area that has not been destroyed by shelling or bombing. Many of the children have lost one of both parents to the conflict, and many have seen their homes leveled.

Due to the escalated intensity of bombing in the area, and the known targeting of schools by the Assad regime and Russia, the orphanage moved its location to a cellar that is entirely underground this past week.

SETF has successfully provided a bus, electric generator, teacher salaries, printers, laptops, projectors, backpacks, and more to the orphanage. The heaters, doors, floor, boards, and most importantly- the kids- are all in the new space today.

We continue to ask for donations to support this incredible initiative that assures the Syrian children they are not alone. 

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