Legal Actions


Civil Action: US District Court for the District of Columbia Case Number 1:11-cv-00876

We currently have pending a civil case before the US District Court for the District Court that is still pending. This case has the objective to protect tortured individuals  under the Torture Victim Protection Act.

We conducted witness testimonies of victims and their families located in the US, Syria, and most recently in Qatar, Jordan and Egypt. These testimonies were recorded and  used in court to prove the presence of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes,  enforced disappearance, torture, summary executions, and slavery that is ongoing in Syria.

Transitional Justice: Providing Training for Lawyers and Judges in Syria

On 15 April 2013, SETF and Omnia Strategy LLP jointly hosted a conference of independent Syrian judges, lawyers, and prosecutors on international humanitarian law and human rights in Antakya, Turkey. The conference hosted by the Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Razan Shalab Al-Sham and Mr. Toby Cadman, Partner at Omnia Strategy LLP in the United Kingdom, brought together representatives from a number of associations of  Free  Syrian Judges,  Free  Syrian  Lawyers, Civilian Police Chiefs and Civil Society activists.

The discussions focused on long term transitional justice planning and documenting crimes committed in the Syrian Arab Republic since the uprising in March 2011. The planning for this conference started when Political Director Mouaz Moustafa visited the region earlier this year. The participants agreed that there is an urgent need for training on international humanitarian law, investigating and  documenting war crimes and establishing the Rule of Law. The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF)and Omnia Strategy LLP hope to collaborate in the future on the development and trainingof Syrian professionals and civil society.

Legal Assistance for Syrians Seeking Asylum

Attorney Ismail T. Shahtakhtinski from I.S.  Law Firm PLLC is providing legal assistance for eligible Syrians seeking political asylum at a reasonable fee or possibly pro-bono.  Feel free to visit his website If you have any questions you can email him at or call (703) 527-1779. 


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