Political Advocacy

SETF established a rapport and maintained productive a productive working relationship with the diplomatic corps around the world. Closest relationships include those with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Qatari Acting Foreign Minister Khaled Bin- Muhammed Al-Attiyah, Qatari Ambassador to the U.S. French Ambassador to Syria Eric Chevallier, the Italian Envoy to Syria, the Kosovo Delegation, and many others.

Washington, D.C. and the United States

Our D.C. team conducted meetings with over two-thirds of the House and ninety percent of the Senate over the past year. In concert with the Coalition for a Democratic Syria, SETF continues to advocate for greater U.S. action in Syria and is currently meeting with Freshman Congressmen to educate them on the current situation in Syria. The D.C. team meets regularly with the Department of State.

In 2011, SETF successfully lobbied for Temporary Protected Status. In cooperation with the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, SETF drafted a formal request for the Department of Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protected Status for Syrian nationals living in the United States.

On November 8, 2012, Executive Director, Sasha Ghosh-Siminoff spoke at a Harvard Arab Weekend event entitled "Syria: How will the World Community Engage in the Syrian Revolution?"

In June 2012, the Syrian Emergency Task Force signed an agreement with the Cuban-American Community and Representatives in Congress creating an alliance against the dictators of Cuba and Syria. The Cuban-American community sent 1 million in humanitarian and medical aid to Syria.

International Advocacy

In November 2012, Political Director Mouaz Moustafa traveled to the Friends of Syria Meeting in Paris, where he was the only non-diplomatic delegate present to offer his analysis evaluating the best way to support the local governance structures on the ground in the liberated areas of Syria in a constructive manner. Executive Director Sasha Ghosh- Siminoff wrote a position paper on the subject, which was also presented by Mouaz and has subsequently been used as a staple document when discussing the local councils with various donor governments.

Mouaz Moustafa presented on Syria before the Chatham House at the prestigious Revolutions conference and at House of Commons in England in November 2012.


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