“We believe that bolstering grassroots initiatives such as civilian councils and nurturing the democratic, moderate elements within Syrian society is the best way to combat extremism, but also to build a free, equal, and democratic Syria for all Syrians. Syria is a country that has not had access to civil society for around 50 years. In order for a democracy to succeed in Syria, the international community must provide access to the skills and resources necessary to empower the Syrian people to come forward and lead themselves to a brighter future,” said Syrian Emergency Task Force executive director Mouaz Moustafa.

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On Saturday, June 22, the Assad Regime began its brutal assault on the province of Homs after having devastated rebel forces in Qusayr with the help of Iran and Hezbollah. During this assault the regime has trapped upwards of 2,000 civilians in the combat zone with no route for escape. Assad Regime continues to use brute force in an attempt to regain power using massively devastating chemical weapons, such as white phosphorous and Sarin gas. The Regime has also utilized airstrikes in Homs destroying vital infrastructure and leaving hundreds either dead or without shelter. The tactics of the regime are creating a humanitarian crisis that’s effects could be severely detrimental to the future of Syria. With each day passing the Regime continues to slaughter its citizens in the assault against Homs.

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Since the first peaceful protests in Syria in 2011, over 1.6 million Syrians have fled their homeland, out of fear of violence and lack of resources. These displaced Syrians currently reside in underfunded, overcrowded camps in Jordan and Turkey as well as ad-hoc camps in Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt. In fact, the situation is so dire, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres called it “the most worrying (refugee crisis) I have ever witnessed.”

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Coalition for a Democratic Syria in partnership with the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) in America is continuing its efforts to demand more action from the US government in the Syrian Conflict. The campaign called "Exercise Your Freedom" aims to empower citizens supporting the Syrian opposition to influence US foreign policy.  SOC is providing supporters with letters they can send to their respective representative and senators. For more information visit here .

Today the Coalition for a Democratic Syria is asking that supporters of arming vetted and moderate fighters of the Syrian opposition call the White House to urge the Administration to take action. Recent reports have allude to high-level talk within the Obama administration on army FSA fighters as early as this week. Below is the info to contact the White House:

Recommended talking points Document

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