On Monday May 27, 2013 Senator John McCain traveled into Syria for a period of several hours to discuss the current situation in Syria and U.S. Syria Policy with General Salim Idris, leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, and 18 commanders of FSA battalions from all of Syria. While meeting with Senator McCain, General Idris and FSA commanders asked that the United States increase its aid to the Free Syrian Army in the form of heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and air strikes on Hezbollah. Syrian Emergency Task Force Field Director, Razan Shalab Al-Sham, Executive Director, Mouaz Moustafa, and Political Director Elizabeth O'Bagy organized and facilitated Senator McCain's trip into the country. 

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Last week the Syrian Emergency Task Force in partnership with Creative Associates International and the Conflict Stabilization Office of the U.S. Department of State, implemented the first in a series of communications equipment trainings and workshops. The overall goal is to increase the functioning capacity of Civilian Administrative Councils (CACs) in liberated areas of Syria by providing the means for Syrians to communicate with the outside world and internally in Syria without being subject to the censorship of the regime.

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The Syrian Emergency Task Force thanks the Fontbonne Academy STAND chapter for holding a fundraiser for the Syrian Emergency Task Force. Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic High School in Milton, Massachussetts sold t-shirts and held a bake sale at the Fontbonne STAND café to collect money for the Syrian Emergency Task Force. During the sale, there were performances by students and the Fontbonne Instrumental Ensemble, STAND officers from the high school showed videos and explained the problems in Syria to the students who attended.

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This week the SETF received communications equipment from the United States Government for the local civil councils in Aleppo. The councils will be receiving internet equipment, computers, and  other telecommunications technology. SETF will be in charge of distributing this equipment to the Aleppo councils. Below are photos from the delivery. This deliver is part of the US government's objective to help local councils coordinate with each other and their constituents better. 

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