A recent Guardian UK article reported the presence of British and French instructors training Syrian rebels in Jordan under a program directed by the the US government.  While no official statements have come from these governments  to verify this project, Jordanian and European sources have confirmed that  training has been going on for at least a year and has focused on preparing Syrian generals who have defected. These Western-trained soldiers will not be sent to Syria immediately according to a Jordanian source. However, if any Syrian city in the south completely collapses, these forces would move into the city to provide assistance.  The easing of America's  regulations on weapon movements has also been witnessed by Syrian rebels recently. The US has started to allow the rebels to transport anti-aircraft missiles that were once impounded across the Turkish border. 

International Women’s day started in the early 20th century to celebrate the advancement of women’s rights and to promote the continued progress of women’s role in all societies. Syrian women have played a vital role in bringing freedom and democracy to Syrians. They have taken up the role of activist, such as Razan Zaitouneh, who works with lawyers and human rights activists to spread the Syrian crisis internationally. She was a key leader in the formation of the Local Coordination Committees. Then there is Suheir Atassi, who began as a local political activist. She is now the co-vice-president of the opposition government. 

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 Join the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria  in celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th to stand in solidarity with Syrian women. 

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