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Washington, DC - The Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS) expresses its deep appreciation for the committed work of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to present an exhibit highlighting the atrocities inflicted on civilians in eastern Aleppo, who have fallen under government siege and remain unprotected from continuous aerial bombardment by the Syrian Government and Russia.

Though the month-long siege of eastern Aleppo has been tenuously broken, there is no guarantee that current positions will hold. Meanwhile, residents are facing some of the heaviest punitive bombardment of the six-year war and are suffering rapidly deteriorating humanitarian conditions, in the wake of a string of devastating attacks on Aleppo’s critical infrastructure. Without intervention from the international community, the city’s residents are confronted with an incredibly grim fate.

“In its continued reticence to act, the international community has become complicit in the tragedy of what is happening in Aleppo,” said Mouaz Moustafa, Political Director to United for a Free Syria and Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. “We hope that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s powerful exhibit will encourage policymakers to assume their duty to end the near-constant violation of international law and to allow for humanitarian provisions to finally be delivered to the city’s beleaguered residents.”Those interested in viewing the video exhibit may do so in the Wexner Center of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum or online at #SaveSyria.

The Coalition for a Democratic Syria is a group of Syrian-American non-profit organizations working together to bring about a swift end to the conflict and support the establishment of peace, freedom, and democracy in Syria. CDS is a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional, non-partisan organization. CDS includes: Syrian Emergency Task Force, United for Free Syria, Syrian American Council, Syrian Christians for Peace, the Association of Free Syrians, and the American Syriac Union.

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Coalition for a Democratic Syria and UK Parliament Syria All-Party Parliamentary Group Present the Caesar Exhibition on Wednesday, October 28th in London

London, UK (PRWEB) October 28, 2015

The Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS) joins the Syria All-Party Parliamentary Group on October 28th in presenting a display of photos taken by Caesar, the defected regime military photographer, documenting over 55,000 images of systematic torture and murder committed in Syrian regime prisons between 2011 and 2013. Caesar’s images reveal at least 11,000 victims, a fraction of those who continue to suffer in regime custody.

The UK Syria All-Party Parliamentary Group will host a panel of experts and display a selection of Caesar’s images on October 28th from 1:30pm to 3:00pm GMT, in Committee Room 14. Speakers will include: Ambassador Frederic Hof, Former US Special Adviser for Transition in Syria and Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council; Steven Heydemann of Smith College and the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings Institution; and Mouaz Moustafa, Director of Syrian Emergency Task Force and United for a Free Syria. The event will also include video messages from U.S. Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, Stephen Rapp. Selected comments from Holocaust survivor Margit Meissner from her address before U.S. Congress will also be shown.

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Given the gravity of the current regime offensive against the Syrian city of Homs, CDS is calling upon American Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to encourage both the UN and the US government to issue public denunciations compelling the Syrian regime to abide by international humanitarian law. In a letter signed by the Chairs of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, United for a Free Syria, and the Syrian American Council, CDS leadership asked the Ambassador to, “immediately call upon the Assad regime to make certain guarantees vis-à-vis the fate of the remaining denizens of Homs. It is not clear whether this move will have any effect, as the regime regularly flouts such calls for humane behavior. However, placing Homs in the spotlight in an attempt to shame the regime and its international backers is one of the last remaining options available.”
Samantha Power is a champion of the prevention of HR abuses around the world as well as the prosecution of those responsible for such abuses. CDS hopes and expects that Ambassador Power will do everything in her power to pressure the regime to abide by international norms, and hold them accountable should they extra-judicially kill or detain any of the remaining residents of Homs.

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