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Kentucky and Tennessee: Urge your senator today to introduce the Caesar bill!


Thanks to your hard work, the Caesar bill (H.R. 5732) has unanimously passed the House of Representatives, bringing us one step closer to instating crippling sanctions on the Assad regime and its backers. However, for the bill to become law, it must first pass the Senate.

With this week’s devastating regime assault on Aleppo, it is urgent that we do everything we can to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians and defend the values of the Syrian Revolution, which includes the passage of this bill.  

We need your help to call Senators McConnell and Corker to introduce the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act for a vote through an expedited procedure. This process, called “hotlining,” bypasses committee review and allows the bill to be introduced directly on the floor before Congress goes home for the year.

There is very little time left. We need hundreds of calls from residents of Kentucky and Tennessee TODAY to move the Senate to a vote. Please spread the word to your friends and family after you make a call.

Please call Senators McConnell and Corker today to urge them to hotline the Caesar bill. You can find the script for a call here.

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