SETF AppLauds New Case Based on Caesar File.

The Syrian Emergency Task Force applauds the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) for filing a criminal complaint with German prosecutors based upon evidence in the Caesar file. This is a case that SETF has worked closely on alongside Sami, Caesar, and Ambassador Stephen J. Rapp, former head of the Office of Global Criminal Justice at the State Department in Support of ECCHR's efforts.  

On September 21 2017, thousands of photographs of corpses in Syrian government detention facilities were passed along to the German Federal Prosecutor by “Caesar and Sami”.  Caesar, the Syrian military police defector smuggled these photographs back in 2014 to shed light on Assad’s brutal human rights violations. As a result of this case German authorities can use “Caesar“ photos to issue international arrest warrants against Assad regime officials.

“This is another major step towards accountability for the Assad regime for its crimes against humanity” said Mouaz Moustafa, Executive Director of SETF. “We are honored to work closely with Caesar, Sami, Ambassador Rapp, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in support of ECCHR's efforts in bringing this case forward and we will not rest until we can file criminal complaints against the Assad regime all over the world” he added.

In coordination with Caesar and Sami and other great individuals and institutions, SETF has worked tirelessly to build awareness of the Crimes committed by the Assad regime. We have in the past worked to organize Exhibits of Caesar’s photographs at the UN General Secretariat, the United States Congress, as well as the Parliaments of Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The photos have also been hosted at events in partnership with universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

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