CBC's "The Fifth Estate" has released a documentary film covering the search for justice to victims of Bashar al- Assad and his allies' crimes against the people of Syria. The film includes testimonies from survivors of torture in Syria's prisons and also features "Ceasar's" first television interview.  The Syrian Emergency Task Force facilitated in organizing interviews and providing materials used in this documentary film.

On The Fifth Estate, The Truth Smugglers, the story of the people in Syria who risk their lives to smuggle out photographs and thousands of pages of secret official documents, hoping they will lead to the conviction of Bashar al-Assad for war crimes.

They are crimes a regime wants to keep secret: tens of thousands of Syrians have “disappeared” in the past six years of civil war, swept away to government prisons and detention centres to be interrogated, tortured and worse.

Released to youtube on Setpember 29, 2017, we tell their stories --and the people who risk their lives to expose the truth about these and other human rights abuses: A government clerk who smuggled out thousands of pages of secret official documents. A photographer who took photographs of the people tortured and killed under regime custody and then fled. And a Canadian in a secret location in Europe whose team has collected three tonnes of documents, hoping they will lead to the conviction of Bashar al Assad for war crimes.

Link to film: "The Disappeared in Syria: The Truth Smugglers"

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