"The Torture Survivors Suing the Assad Regime" by Atika shubert and Eliza Mackintosh, CNN 

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A case has opened in Germany accusing six high-ranking officials close to Syrian president Bashar Al Assad's Regime of brutal beatings, sexual violence, and systematic torture. Six ex-detainees' complaints are associated with three Damascus prisons- branches 215, 227 and 235 -- between October 2011 and July 2015. 

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SETF continues to work very hard alongside Ambassador Rapp, Caesar, and Sami, as well as law firms and governments, in order to support ongoing cases and to initiate new ones helping the people of Syria find justice for the crimes perpetrated by the Assad Regime.


The Syrian Emergency Task Force is proud to have contributed to Michael Petrou's article, "Exodus" which was recently published by the National Post

Journalist Michael Petrou is this year's R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellow. His project chronicles the stories of displaced Syrians, particularly those who remain in the Middle East, dramatically transforming that region. Petrou travelled to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to document this mass exodus first-hand. Brice Hall is the illustrator and digital designer for this project. Please take time to read his incredible accounts and stories of the Syrian people he met here.


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